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Being a healthy person is crucial to successful fertility. As a physiologist, Sue has always applied a holistic approach. Assessing and correcting diet, stress, posture, emotional and physical health are the foundation of her effective fertility treatments. We should aim to nurture and protect the precious resource of fertility even if we are not yet ready to start a family. Sue monitors the natural cycle in detail so as to identify some common causes of individual fertility problems. You can also choose between acupuncture and moxibustion, chinese patent herbs and or buqi (non-needle technique). Responses can sometimes be very fast but it is best to allow 2-3 months for a course of treatment.


If you are already undergoing or about to start IVF, some research has indicated that acupuncture can further increase the success rate when used alongside IVF although no definitive level of evidence has yet accumulated.

Sue feels that it is unethical to charge more for infertility than for other problems, so standard charges apply. As she can offer a broad spectrum of experience and expertise, most issues can be dealt with by one complementary practitioner - in addition to any medical care which may be relevant.


Parents have travelled from as far away as New Zealand  to consult Sue about infertility issues.


For a BAcC  fact sheet please click on the following link:

URL: http://www.acupuncture.org.uk/research-fact-sheets/1132-acupuncture-and-female-fertility.html