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With your consent treatment will take place. It is always wise to wear loose comfortable clothing and every care is taken to preserve modesty and ensure that you are warm and comfortable.





















Most initial consultations last 90 minutes during which time a detailed diagnosis (see below) is made, although for urgent acute problems first appointments are sometimes 45 minutes. At the end of the diagnosis Sue will recommend treatment options and discuss / explain what is involved. In the event that your symptoms appear to be ‘red flags’ then you may be advised to be assessed by a suitably qualified medical advisor.



In determining the pattern of disharmony, the Chinese Medicine Practitioner needs a detailed understanding of the patient’s life style, diet, work, medical history, emotional states, etc. The diagnosis includes questioning, observation, and examination of the pulse and tongue. What the physician is looking for are not symptoms in isolation, but rather a pattern into which is woven a total picture of the patient. Tongue and pulse diagnosis are highly refined in Chinese medicine.


The pulse is felt at the wrists on the radial artery and its strength, rhythm and quality indicate the balance of energy and the state of the disease.


Does it hurt?


Some very transient mild discomfort can occur with Acupuncture or Tuina but rapidly passes and the benefits of the treatment usually eclipse any sensations. All treatments usually create deep relaxation and feelings of well being.


Preparation for Treatment


- Take prescribed medication as usual.


- Avoid the use of recreational drugs e.g. cannabis, alcohol on the day of treatment before your session.


- Ensure that you have eaten something e.g. breakfast.


- For a first consultation please feel free to bring a list of any medications and a note of any major health  

    problems – although Sue will prompt your memory during the session.


After the Treatment


Most patients are relaxed and refreshed by treatment. You should allow a few minutes for transition back into a busy life after your session.


Sue gives “homework” and it is this attention to detail that helps to obtain good lasting results. You will not be over-faced, simply enabled and supported as you evolve into a healthier person.








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The tongue is an important diagnostic tool in Chinese Medicine. Its shape, colour, movement, texture and coating indicate the progression and degree of illness. Cracks, prickles, dips, swelling and spots on the tongue are all diagnosed according to their position which correspond to the body organs as shown on the diagram above.

This is one occasion when you can stick out your tongue and not be considered rude!

Please note that Covid 19 has

changed our working practice