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The following feedback is included at the request of the patients themselves. They are the personal exeriences of individuals and in no way should be taken as claims of efficacy for any particular disorders. People respond very individually to medical treatment. It should be noted that Sue’s approach is very broad involving physiological assessment and treatment alongside traditional chinese medicine so that causative factors such as diet, posture, exercise, emotion and stress are also explored. Most people have already taken medical advise before considering acupuncture or buqi. As a responsible practitioner individuals are referred back to their medical advisor where symptoms indicate that this is necessary.


 It is the best I have felt for 10 years!


I initially went to Sue for my thyroid, she soon tapped into my emotions which had been bottled up for

many years. I was getting better but not quite right – then Sue discovered a heart murmur, she sent

me to the doctor who sent me to the specialist (after all the usual tests).Anyway a few sessions of acupuncture later and I feel so much better – life is not a blur anymore, the cloud has lifted and there is a point to living again. I never realised that a few harmless needles in the right spots could make me so well – my whole body seems to be working together again.


Thank you so much Sue.





I would like to ‘Thank you’ for alerting me to health issues that even my G.P. hadn’t identified.  

Your help has been invaluable. Best wishes.




My first encounter with Acupuncture started about five to six years ago, I had a serious back pain

caused by heavy lifting, and a friend mentioned “ a lady who was excellent and lived at Preston”. It was of course Sue Branch, so along I went and after an examination treatment began. I had several Acupuncture sessions after which my back was more comfortable than it had been for years. I was amazed, this was going to be my preferred treatment form now on. Just to note before this I was having Chiropractic treatment, which was a very bone crunching experience.


About eighteen months ago I contracted a very bad virus, it was doing the rounds and it was my turn to get it. It was very debilitating; it made you feel quite ill almost flu like with severe backache and it affected my blood pressure. After a visit to the Doctor it was quite plain he could give me nothing for it  “ it’s a virus can’t give Antibiotics for that”, you know the story I’m sure.


So where to go! Of course Sue Branch. Well that was a decision that changed everything. Who would have thought that Acupuncture could help a virus, well it did, with Sue’s treatment and her recommended tonic off I went. It took several visits of treatment but after about two weeks I started to feel well again. A further two weeks and it was virtually gone. At that time I was due a Blood pressure check at the Doctors. When he took the readings he could not believe it, 125 over 80. When I told him what I had done and the treatment I had his remarks were “ carry on with it, its done you good”.


What can I say, not only is Sue a charming person she is an expert in her field and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.


~Mike Stevens. Portland.~



When I decided to come off the contraceptive pill, you can imagine my confusion when I missed periods  

and all pregnancy tests were negative. A trip to the Doctors confirmed I had polycystic ovarian syndrome. 


By the time I'd found Sue I had not had a period for 9 months. After a consultation and only  

one course of acupuncture I finally had a period. I couldn't believe it, some friends even said

it was a coincidence. The real test would be if I had another period a month later. I carried on

seeing Sue around every 7 to 10 days. I did everything she advised, taking my temperature

every morning, taking herbal formulas she supplied and even some weird shaking exercises. 

Sue gave me a mixture of acupuncture and Buqi. I had another period, it was only around 3

days late! 


I love having the Acupuncture, I find it very relaxing and the last time Sue gave me Buqi I could  

feel a static type of feeling in my legs. It felt as though all the hairs on my legs were standing

on end, even though I had had my legs waxed earlier that day so I knew there was not any

hairs there. I do feel a little sick 10 minutes after the treatment but it only lasts about half an hour. My

overall health seems to have improved greatly and its such a relief to know my body is working better now. 


Thank You Sue.  






Back Spasm and Sciatica


My wife persuaded me to go to Sue for treatment for my back pain and sciatica. I had suffered with it

for many years due to heavy manual work and thought that I just had to live with it.


What a difference! Even after one treatment.


Now I see Sue occasionally for a  top up or have a treatment if I injure myself doing my very physical


~D.~    Weymouth


I am so grateful for the treatment you gave me. I feel more ‘together’ now, and I’m trying to be

kind to my liver. I feel the herbals are really helping, and the iron too. Slowly I am becoming more


~ Fiona~




I first came to you for treatment for arthritis, particularly in my hands. However you have treated

me not only for the arthritis but also the whole of me so that after a short time not only are my

hands better but I am also feeling heaps better, and have a great deal more energy, which is

most useful where there always seems to be a certain amount to do. I am truly grateful to you

and most appreciative of what you have done and are still doing for me.


~Mrs C of Sherborne~




Rupert has short term memory loss and had a difficult time at boarding school, with poor   

behaviour leading to his suspension. His behaviour at home was “Jeckyl and Hydish”, varying from

blank eyed/faced sullenness to being able to charm the birds from the trees. He visited Sue on 3

occasions. She treated him with herbal medicine and hand healing (buqi), the latter applied particularly

to the head.


Rupert has subsequently changed school, reverting to day attendance and it transpired that he was

being bullied at the initial school. The move of school and Sue’s treatment has resulted in a more

settled and happy child.


Getting the best out of Rupert remains somewhat of a challenge but no more than any other child on

the verge of puberty with 2 younger siblings who don’t give him much space. His short term memory

is being managed well at school and the ease with which he can sometimes be distracted is also

being addressed.


His general level of health and inner settlement is high and there is no question that

Sue Branch assisted substantially in this.


~Tim T.~     (Name supplied but omitted to ensure child anonymity)



I just want to say how grateful we are for all that you did in enabling me to conceive. We now  

have a beautiful baby, who, would you believe is approaching a year old!



As you know we tried unsuccessfully for eighteen months to have a baby, so you can imagine how

thrilled we were to discover I was pregnant after you had been treating me. We were also very

surprised that it did not take very long either.


I also wanted you to know we are expecting another baby – conceived the first time we tried!

Although there will only be eighteen months between them we could not be happier, and without

your help I know none of this would have been possible.






    Before I went to see Sue Branch I frequently wet myself. I’m 12 years old now and have never   

     had a dry day.


    It was very hard at school because there were plastic seats and wooden floors and if I had an

     accident during the day it would mean that I would make a wet patch on the ground or seat. It would

     be worse in assembly because for fifteen minutes I had to sit on my feet. If I didn’t the whole school

    would know about my problem!


    My mum and I thought we had tried everything! I had been to the school nurse, the health visitor,

    the doctor, reflexologist, food allergist, hypnotherapist, child psychologist and a paediatrician who

    examined me and scanned my kidneys. I had also used numerous star charts and had medicine at

    night when I went to stay with friends. Believe it or not none of these treatments worked.


     By now I was not sure that anything would work!


    Then 2 months ago I began treatment with Sue Branch. To begin with I was a little

     pessimistic because of my past help and because we had never done anything like this

     kind of treatment and I didn’t know what to expect. During Sue’s sessions there was no pain

     just basically a chance to relax. All I had to do was lie there (buqi treatment), answer some

      questions and maybe swallow a few pills.


    Sue helped me in more than one way, she gave me ways to relieve stress and other small

    things she put right that I thought were a part of me and would have to stay. I only took about

    3 sessions before I began to notice the problem was improving.


    I was finally on the mend!


    A few sessions later brings me to where I am now, almost completely “normal”. I am so

    pleased I came to see Sue Branch and I would recommend it to anyone with the same sort

    of problem.


    I now feel happier in myself because I have achieved something that I thought was



     ~12 year old Dorchester girl ~    (Problem originally caused by two bouts of encephalitis in infancy)




Birth of my daughter

“I had been in intermittent labour since 5pm on 9th May. I was having a home birth. As an

existing patient I contacted Sue for help at around 10pm on 10th May, and within 10 minutes

of the first treatment went into regular contractions every 4 minutes.  At 3.30am I was tired

and rather overwhelmed, my midwife said I would be at least another 3-4 hours. Sue correctly

Identified transition, and reassured me. I gave my consent to treatment to speed labour, and with 2 needles the birth was safely completed within 15 minutes. “  


 “Sue had been an intuitive and supportive practitioner pre-conceptually and throughout my pregnancy.”



~ J C~



Sue Branch is one of the most amazing people I know. Her intuitive healing abilities allied with her considerable acupuncture skills make her a healer to be reckoned with.


  ~ Gillian Greening~



An acquaintance, told me how good Sue was and suggested I try acupuncture. The persistent

cough and chest infections (which I had suffered since childhood) had pulled me down

to a point where I was not functioning at all well. The N.H.S. had not been able to find a reason for

this, so I thought nothing ventured nothing gained!


Sue’s initial diagnosis was that I was totally stressed, she gave me breathing exercises as well as

acupuncture. We looked at my life style, diet etc. I felt I was being treated as a whole person, not a  

symptom. I have been seeing Sue now ( at intervals) for 6 months and I am a completely different

person.  Much more energy, a positive outlook and hardly a cough. If only I had known before

how beneficial  acupuncture administered by a competent professional could be . Sue is definitely a competent professional.





Sixteen years ago I was in the depths of despair. Five years earlier my husband had been

diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and although his medication helped with the tremors,

the side effects were horrendous. His depression was so bad that I was afraid he would harm

himself especially as I was working at the time so could not be with him through the day. He would

hide himself away & was sometimes found sitting in the dark with the curtains drawn in the middle

of the day. Walking, which he had always loved was also severely restricted.


Then my sister recommended that we saw Sue for acupuncture as her daughter was already

receiving helpful treatment from her. In despair and looking desperately for a lifeline, I phoned her.

I remember that the first thing that she told me was that acupuncture could not cure Parkinson’s but

could give him a better quality of life. How right she was!


At first he was very sceptical but gradually could see the difference for himself. So much so that

after about a year he felt good enough to give up the treatment which was a big mistake as four

or five months later the side effects were back with a vengeance.


Since then, he has had treatment regularly every month. Sue can tell straight away when his blood

pressure is too low (the medication again) and rectifies it. It is now twenty one years since he was

diagnosed, and although we know that Parkinson’s will never go away, the treatment has enabled

him to cope with it so well that we are able to enjoy a full life. We holiday together, dine out with

friends & if anyone needs a job done my husband is first in line to help. I dread to think

what life would be like for us if we hadn’t  found Sue and acupuncture.  


     ~Maggie May - Weymouth~




I  visited Sue Branch following recommendations to see if  there was anything that could be done

About the constant mouth ulcers I was  experiencing, which was having an adverse effect on my

life, from feeling very low and the way I was able to talk. In addition I had recently experienced pain

at the top of my stomach and in my throat. My GP had prescribed medication for my stomach,

which hadn’t given me any relief and the next stage was invasive investigation.


Sue started by looking at all my ailments, diet and lifestyle and felt that there may be a link between

the stomach problems and the mouth ulcers. Following my initial session with Sue I found that the

mouth ulcers reduced significantly and now, after 2 months and 4 appointments, I only suffer when

I have managed to damage my mouth by either accidentally biting or knocking myself. This has made

a HUGE improvement to my quality of life.    


Using a holistic approach, and with her vast knowledge, Sue has made other

recommendations to my diet which I follow and have found to be of enormous benefit.

Sue suggested that I lacked iodine in  my diet due to not eating fish and having a reduced salt

intake. This has been improved through taking sub-lingual multi-minerals and I no longer suffer

from the constant feeling of restriction in my throat.


Overall I feel so much better it’s wonderful.


I would recommend Sue to others. Acupuncture is not just for bad backs and I wish I had visited

Sue much, much sooner






I met Sue after being told that the only option for the herniated discs in my back was a series of cortizone injections, followed by surgery. I was at an all time low and believed my life was over having spent 2 months in agony. I could not work and was spending all day lying on the floor. I was in incredible pain and could hardly walk because of the extreme sciatica, I had

lost 2 inches of muscle from my thigh. A trusted acquaintance suggested acupuncture as a non-invasive option.

After being examined by Sue the first time she estimated that she  could help me to be fit with six treatments. I hoped that this meant that I would be experiencing a little less pain by the end of the course.

Three treatments later I felt much better, six treatments and I felt great. I was able to return to

work and carry on pretty much as normal. I had been very depressed and bad tempered, with my

 family on the receiving end. After my treatments my daughter said that she had her dad back!

This was 5 years ago now; I am still able to work and to tend my allotment as long as I am careful, and

if I do do myself a mischief Sue is always able to get me back on my feet again with 1 or 2 treatments.

Sue is a understanding and intuitive person who has the ability to make some people's lives much easier.

~Darryl Green~                   





I have just finished a half-hour practice of the exercise you taught me today. It was a joy!

I don’t  know where it came from – certainly not from any particular memory – but, suddenly, there was my smile. It seemed that I just wanted to be happy, and I was. It grew until I was

almost giggling.


When I first visited you for treatment on my joints, deep down I knew the real reason why I had come

to you, even though I convinced my conscious otherwise (my joints really did need attention after all).

Thank God for awareness. This sounds silly, I know, but I was singing your praises to anyone who would listen, even before I  came to you for treatment. Somehow I just knew.